Thank you for using the Download Station extension. I have created this extension in my spare time. If you like the extension, please consider making a donation so I can buy myself a drink while working on the next update ;). After you have made a donation, you can enter your email address on the settings page of the extension to disable the donation reminder.

PayPal or credit card

Donating is very easy, just use the slider below to choose an amount and click on the Donate button! You will be taken to the PayPal website to complete the transaction. You do not need a PayPal account to make a donation. You can also pay with your credit card on PayPal's website!


If you prefer to donate via Bitcoin instead of PayPal, you can use the button below to get a Bitcoin address to use for your transaction. Please enter your email address if you would like to be able to disable the donation reminder in the extension. If you do not enter your email address, you will not be able to disable the reminder in the extension. Also, I will not be able to send you an email to thank you for your support!

Note: Please transfer a minimum amount of 0.01 BTC if you would like to disable the donation reminder.